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10 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

Halloween is truly a family affair, right down to your furry friends. We’ve compiled ten adorable Halloween pet costumes — from over-the-top creations to just a touch of seasonal flair. Below, our favorite pet Halloween costumes, all available from Amazon.


Dog Lion Mane Halloween costume for dogs

1. Dog Lion Mane - Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs

IT’S TIME TO ROAR – Dog Lion Mane. Realistic & best-fitting lion mane for dogs. Turn your lovely pooch into a funnily ferocious King of the Jungle in a jiffy

2. 3 Pieces Pet Halloween Vampire Costume

It's cute and adorable for your little furry friend. What will you get: 1 piece pet bat wings, 1 piece vampire cloak, and 1 piece wizard hat,

3. UPS Pal Dog Costume

Your reliable canine courier is here. The ups pal dog costume includes a shirt with a stuffed front and attached arms, a box, and a cap. Box is attached with Velcro to the arms. Box must be cut out from Sheet and assembled.

Giraffe Snoods for Dogs

4. Snood For Dogs

Adorable knit animal-themed "snoods" to pet lovers everywhere. Snoods are both "FUN and FUNctional," protecting your dog's head and ears from the cold, dirt, and moisture, all while looking incredibly adorable!

Unicorn Hat for cats for halloween

5. Unicorn Hat for Cats

This cute unicorn hat costume is made of soft fleece and oxford fabric, which won't irritate your pet's skin, soft colorful manes, and solid horn

Bunny Dog Costume for Halloween

6. Bunny Dog Costume

This costume will make everyone do a double-take! The cutest walking teddy bear costume with arms ever seen!

Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for halloween

7. Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

A funny knight with a rein in his hand who rides on the dog is coming to us. When you walk your dog in the street, it will catch lots of people's attention.

8. Pirate Costume

This cool pirate costume design turns your pet into a humoristic pirate. It's worth it for the laughs! It makes a great gift for the holidays and for entertainment.

Raptor Dog Costume for halloween

9. Raptor Dog Costume

The most cunning predator in your back yard. The raptor costume comes with foam raptor headpiece with foam padded costume.

Triceratops Dog Costume

10. Triceratops Dog Costume

Your cretaceous canine, this dog costume is sure to turn heads anywhere you go. The Triceratops costume includes a dinosaur horned headpiece.

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Adorable Halloween Costumes for your Pets


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