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10 Fun & Easy Kids Craft Ideas For Halloween

These 10+ fun and easy Halloween kids craft will have your little pumpkins more excited than ever about the fall season, which is why we’ve rounded up our favorites to share with you. From Halloween decorations and spooky, monster-inspired creations to simple pumpkin-based projects, there’s a thoughtful, colorful craft here for each and every age group…and some of them just might be pretty enough to display right on your front porch! 


Haunted House Paper Bag Halloween Kids Craft

1. Haunted House Paper Bag

This spooktacular haunted house can be made with as much or a little detail as your child wants, making it appropriate for all ages.

Rainbow Paper Tube Bats

2. Rainbow Paper Tube Bats

These colorful creatures are filled with goodies that will make kids go absolutely batty.

Leaf Ghost Craft

3. Leaf Ghost Craft

Send the kids out to forage for fallen leaves and then head indoors to make these un-boo-lievably cute ghosts.

4. Festive Finger Puppets

These tiny trinkets are just the thing to keep your children occupied when grocery shopping or driving in the car.

Spider Web Halloween Craft

5. Spider Web Halloween Craft

Adorable spiderwebs make the perfect not-so-scary decorations for little ones to make.

6. Halloween Paper Lantern

Kids will be amazed when they see these Halloween paper lanterns take shape with just a few scissor cuts.

Yarn Wrapped Mummies

7. Yarn Wrapped Mummies

As long as kids are old enough to wrap yarn around cardboard or card stock, this craft might even become one of their favorites. You can even string together their finished masterpieces to create a cute garland.

8. DIY Silly Ghost Balloons

Who says ghosts have to be scary? These ones certainly aren't. Let your kids take turns drawing their own faces on the outside of the ghost "bodies" that drape over these balloons, or just take requests for different expressions: silly, worried, happy, and so on!

Spider Suckers

9. Spider Suckers

Lollipops get a scary twist dressed as a bunch of creepy crawlers

Yarn Ghost Garland Halloween Kids Craft

10. Yarn Ghost Garland

Quick and cute yarn bound ghosts to string up to a garland.

Spider Balloons

11. Spider Balloon

Make a balloon into a creepy crawly with a simple addition of some streamers.

Halloween Tin Can Bowling

12. Halloween Tin Can Bowling

Kids will be bowled over by this Halloween-themed game for your party.

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10 fun and easy kids craft ideas for halloween
10 fun and easy kids craft ideas for halloween


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