Battleship Missouri Memorial – Experience the location of the ending of WWII.

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Battleship Missouri was “The Last Battleship”. When the USS Missouri decommissioned for the final time on March 31, 1992, she was the last active battleship of any nation in the world, her officers, sailors and Marines the last battleship sailors, and the end of an era.

Stand in the shadows of 67-foot long guns that fired 2700 pound shells. Walk on the decks where General McArthur signed the surrender ending World War II. Find out about life on board the world’s last battleship, including stories about kamikaze attacks.

Battleship Missori

The Armor Piercing (AP) shell fired by these guns is capable of penetrating … 30 feet (9 m) of concrete, depending upon the range and obliquity of impact.

The Captain's Cabin

The Actual Location Of where the instrument of formal surrender of Japan to the Allied powers was signed.

“Location where table was for signing the surrender documents”

The Instrument of Surrender and its documentation. The War is OVER! Japan Surrender.

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