Baclayon Church Bohol, Philippines

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The Baclayon Church, one of the oldest Catholic church in the Philippines. This was first open to the public in the year 1727 and up to now. When a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Bohol in 2013, the church building sustained major damage.


Baclayon Church was declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines in 2010. The National Historical Institute, now National Historical Commission of the Philippines, also declared Baclayon Church a National Historical Landmark on July 27, 1994. It is also being considered for addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Philippines under the collective group of the Jesuit Churches of the Philippines with the churches of Maragondon in Cavite, Loboc in Bohol and Guiuan in Eastern Samar. However, due to its total destruction, it was removed as a nominated site. (Source)

Baclayon Church, Bohol, Philippines

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