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7 Best Things You Can Do In New York​

 One of America’s oldest cities, NYC is still filled with glimpses of the past—from Colonial-era pubs to Gilded Age museums, and from punk-rock clubs to historic immigrant enclaves. Take walks, visit landmarks, and meet locals who will tell you the stories behind every block of this modern metropolis.

1. Museum-hopping in NYC

Whether it’s natural history or modern art you’re after, New York City has over four hundred cultural institutions to satisfy your museum-going appetite.

2. Theater, Shows & Musicals

Surrender to the music of the night at ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ the longest-running show in Broadway history. Treat yourself to a visual feast with the Tony award-winning ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway. This acclaimed stage adaptation of the Disney classic brings the story of Simba and friends to life. Join millions of fans who have peeked behind the emerald curtain to discover the backstory of the Wicked Witch of the West. Whichever you decided to watch its guarantee you will have the good time spent in New York!

New York Shows, Teather & Music

3. Explore new york's street food

It makes sense that the city that perfected pizza-by-the-slice and the hot dog would become a street food paradise—some estimate that there are over 12,000 food vendors in New York City.

New York City Street food -pizza

4. Explore Parks And Gardens

It’s not all subways and skyscrapers: New York has plenty of green spaces, including the 843-acre Central Park, one of the best birding spots in America.

New York City Garden

5. Shop With Fashion Insiders

From Calvin Klein in the 1960s up to Alexander Wang today, NYC has long been one of the key centers of global fashion. The city’s Garment District alone is home to thousands of fashion businesses.

New York Shopping

6. Helicopter sightseeing

See New York City from a different perspective. Helicopter sightseeing provide you with a bird’s eye view of Manhattan and the surrounding area. See the George Washington and Verrazano bridge that keep Manhattan connected. Reflect on New York’s historic landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Greenwich Village, South Street Seaport and the 120 year old Brooklyn Bridge. 

Helicopter Sightseeing in New York City

7. Get out on the water

Sail New York Harbor and you’ll have stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, where over 12 million immigrants first came to America in the first half of the 20th century.

New york Boat Ride

stay in brooklyn heights

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Brooklyn Heights private homes

Brooklyn Heights apartment

Brooklyn Heights Hotels

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New York City
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