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 A Outdoor Museum Adventure with life-size dinosaur statues on display. Located in Cedar Creek Texas, between Austin and Bastrop.

There is a trail filled with statues of different dinosaurs hiding in the trees and brush. You’ll find life-sized replicas of dinosaurs, ranging from the two foot long Compsognathus to the 55 foot long Spinosaurus. Our dino-lovers ( 5 and 3 years old) had a wonderful fun time as we walk our way to the trail. As for the adults, the trail was a nice walk since it is outdoor and they are lined with local plants, trees and vines. Some of the plants are labeled with a bit of background information.

A Day out At the Dinosaur Park

Meet the Dinos

A Day Out At The Dinosaur Park
A Day Out At The Dinosaur Park

This is such a fun little dinosaur park for the younger crowd. The park is laid out where you enter and exit through their gift shop (smart move there). There is a small outdoor playground area with picnic tables and room to play. Then there is the “Dinosaur Trail”, they give you a laminated sheet describing each of the numbered stops. The larger dino models all have information plaques you can read along the way and they are nicely accurate. A little bit of science but not too dry for the kiddos. The trail is even and flat and winds around through the cedar and oak scrub, I’d estimate it to be only about a total of a half mile distance-wise, not too far for younger kids. They change the trail up periodically and have different displays so it’s a place you can come back to that won’t be stale after one or two visits. We had a great time, it was a fun way to kill an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon. 

A Day Out At The Dinosaur Park
A Day Out At The Dinosaur Park

Some of the displays at the Park

A Day Out At The Dinosaur Park
A Day Out At The Dinosaur Park
A Day Out At The Dinosaur Park


  • We went in the Spring when it was a nice 70 degrees and partly sunny. In the summer this would likely be very hot.
  • You can bring a little snacks and a drinks
  • wear a comfortable walking shoes, the trail is gravel.
  • Parking is free
  • Picnic area/table is available on first come/first served basis
  • Address : 893 Union Chapel Road, Cedar Creek, TX
  • for more information visit the DINOSAUR PARK WEBSITE

Thank you for stopping by, we hope you have a great time!


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