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A Visit To The Doseum- San Antonio’s Museum For Kids

Doseum-A must-see for families with young children

San Antonio is always our perfect family getaway because of close proximity from where we live. We have been there many times but we always come back once every year. As a couple, our favorite spot is the River-walk –  it’s a calm, fun and happy atmosphere. We also make sure that we dined at our kid’s favorite restaurant – Rain Forest Cafe on the river walk. We visited the Alamo and every time we visit they never disappoint us.

We also spent time and shopped at the historic market square. But the high light of this trip is the Doseum – San Antonio’s Museum for kids. 

The Doseum is Fantastic!  A  great place for the kids. The Museum is a three-level museum full of cool toys that children can play with to their heart’s content. 

Little Town Is my kid’s favorite area which is on the first floor.

Has an HEB -grocery store where children can put all sorts of groceries in their shopping basket and scan their items at the cash register.

The Doseum featuring the little town
The Doseum featuring the little town

 There was also a bank, complete with the drive-through. A taco truck, a car to drive, a trolley, an airport with an airplane, a bulldozer and mulch area to dig in, cars to drive on the streets, a vet clinic, and a little area for the tiniest of the tots. SO much fun!!

The rest of our time was spent outside checking out the little creek that the kids can wade in, playing in the sand, looking for frogs, and climbing up into the treehouse.

It looked like there were lots of other things to do, probably more appropriate for older kiddos, but I will go again when we find ourselves back in San Antonio with the kids for sure!

Check their facebook page for their upcoming events.

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