Hello there! My name is Loreli, I am 39 years old and a mother to two beautiful, energetic boys. I love to cook and travel, so when I am not traveling, I am busy cooking/baking in the kitchen.

My story began ten years ago when I meet and married my husband. While trying out different food wins our fair attention and curiosity, we are both adventurous and love to travel. Since then, we build so many memories along the way while exploring the world. We made sure that we travel every year during summertime, up until I got pregnant with our firstborn. Though we thought that we would not have a chance to hit the road again and fly the open skies anytime soon, our passion for traveling has never changed. So whenever we get the chance, we find ourselves anxious to find a new adventure.

Traveling is fun and exciting and also it’s our bonding moments that bring our family closer together.

On this blog, I will share our little adventures and discoveries around the globe, and I hope that we inspire you. I speak  Bisaya, Tagalog, and English and I will share some words or phrase so you may learn new words/language while you’re here. For today’s word, Tagalog/Filipino word Masarap (Ma-sa-rap)  in English Delicious.

Hope to see you around, and you are more than welcome to follow our blog. Feel free to ask or comment on our travel adventure.

~We are pleased to meet you and thank you for stopping by!~


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