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Bohol Attractions And Sight Seeing

Bohol is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region. It comprises Bohol Island and numerous smaller surrounding islands. Bohol is known for coral reefs and unusual geological formations, notably the Chocolate Hills. On the main island, near the town of Carmen, these 1,200 or so symmetrical mounds turn cocoa-brown in the dry season, contrasting with the surrounding jungle’s greenery.


Summer of 2012 when we visited Bohol and did the island tour since we haven’t done this before. Although There are a lot of beautiful places where you can spend your summer in the Philippines. We thought Bohol would be a perfect getaway for the whole family.

After we had our breakfast, we headed to start the trip. First stop, Blood Compact Shrine, this site serves as a memorial ground to the historic sign of friendship between the Spaniards and the Filipinos.

how to get there

Direct flights from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila to the Tagbilaran Airport usually take an hour and 15 mins.There are few ways to get to Bohol ( by ferry or by plane). Flying from major cities to Tagbilaran is the easiest and the quickest way to go. The ferry, on the other hand, is fun if you have plenty of time.

Blood Compact Shrine, this site serves as a memorial ground to the historic sign of friendship between the Spaniards and the Filipinos.


Baclayon Church

From the blood compact shrine, we headed to the Baclayon Church, one of the oldest Catholic church in the Philippines. This was first open to the public in the year 1727 and up to now. When a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Bohol in 2013, the church building sustained major damage.












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The Floating Restaurant at Loboc River

After roaming around at the old church we were ready for lunch. Our tour guide suggested eating at the floating restaurant at the Loboc river lunch buffet. The food was very good and plenty of seafood. We were cruising the river while eating our lunch and entertained with some live music on board. We recommend do plenty of research before deciding which boat you will be going to pick, some people were not so happy about their experience. It just happened that we knew some local and they already know which one to pick. So far, the whole family enjoyed the food and the ride.

Floating Restaurant, Bohol, Philippines

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Luboc River, Bohol

Tarsier Conservation Area vs. Tarsier Sanctuary

We choose Tarsier Conservation Area since we are already at the Loboc area. If you are going to eat lunch at the floating restaurant in Loboc. Tarsier Conservation Area is not far from there, vs. going to Tarsier Sanctuary, it will be in another town.

Tarsier is the smallest monkeys in the world,  and it can be found only in Bohol. These monkeys are so little with big eyes.  Their eyes are so sensitive to the light, even the flash of the camera can do harm to them. We were warned to turn off the flash of the camera as it might cause blindness to them.

Tarsier The Smallest Monkey In The World

Fantastic Places to Stay in Bohol

Get beyond the touristy beaches and Bohol’s rivers and countryside may just be the most memorable part of your trip. These best places to stay in Bohol will show you sides of the island that many travelers miss altogether – and there’s a winner for every budget. Enjoy!

Loboc River Resort, Bohol, Philippines

Marquis Sunrise Sunset Residentials Cottages, Bohol, Philippines

Amarela Resort, Bohol, Philippines

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