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Beautiful Places To See in Bohol

A beguiling island which is home to the iconic Chocolate Hills which are thousands of dome-shaped chocolate colored limestone hills situated in the province’s central portion. Bohol is also known for the Queen Bee Farm, the Loboc River Cruise, white sand beaches and dive sites in Panglao Island, centuries old stone churches, the gigantic Humpback Whales, the mischievous dolphins, the flying lemur and the tarsier, the world’s smallest primate.

A wonderful blend of nature and culture. Bohol is the prime eco-cultural tourist destination in the Philippines. The island boasts of a rich heritage of centuries old churches, peculiar musical instruments and angelic voices.

how to get there


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Camugao Falls - Balilihan, bohol

Camugao Falls - Balilihan, bohol


Take a scenic tour to Camugao Waterfalls in Balilihan, Bohol. The Camugao Falls is a 30m tall waterfall located at San Isidro, Balilihan, Bohol, Philippines. It offers large pool at its base and it’s one of the premier

Bohol is already synonymous with Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers, Panglao Beaches & Diving. However, there is more to Bohol than the ordinary tours and customary tourist spots. If you want to go on adventure, visit the amazing Waterfalls of Bohol Island!

Camugao Falls is 1 hour away from Panglao. There is a very short trek going to the area with trail going to the falls (wear hiking shoes/sandals). You can do cliff jumping and swimming in the area.

Definitely a not so usual Bohol tourist spot.

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Pandanon Island Jetafe, Bohol

Pandanon is a quaint island off Bohol, a part of the municipality of Jetafe. It is about an hour ride on a motorized boat taking off from Hadsan beach in Mactan Island, Cebu… The island’s main attraction is it’s clear blue waters and sugary white sands. In reaching ashore, the sight will just let you want to leap into the water and swim. Swim. Swim.

In getting there you have to charter a boat or join a fun tour to the island. Make sure you bring food and drinks as there are no dining places there.

The place is raw. No amenities at all. There are a few cottages that you can rent that’s it. All the island has to offer is it’s cool crystal clear waters, the fine white sands all around its shores and the blue skies. And not to miss is the FUN it will bring you with the right company, of course.

Pandanon Island Jetafe, Boho



Twin Hanging Bridge - Sevilla, Bohol

The Twin Hanging Bamboo Bridges of Sevilla – Bohol are one the things you must experience. Not really scary but the bridge does wobble a bit.

It is a very simple attraction but a great fun and an excellent place for some cool photos. There are actually 2 bridges so the photographer can stand on one while everyone else is on the other.

Twin Hanging Bridge - Sevilla, Bohol


Hinagdanan Cave Dauis, Bohol

Hinagdanan Cave Dauis, Bohol


Did you know that the Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis, Bohol was accidentally discovered by a local farmer? One day while clearing his land, he pulled a dead tree and found out that there is a cave underneath. He then made a ladder so he could climb down, thus being named as Hinagdanan Cave.


Bohol River Cruise Loboc, Bohol

Bohol River Cruise Loboc, Bohol



Virgin Island - Between Balicasag and Panglao Island

Virgin Island, Bohol

More commonly known to tourists as Virgin Island, Pungtud Island lies in the middle of a relatively shallow area between Balicasag and Panglao Islands. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is, so you need to visit it!

Crystal clear water.. Sun.. And white sand.. Was absolutely worth getting up early and visiting the island.. There are few local establishments which sell water, snacks and other basic amenities..a total must visit


The famous 1200 hanging umbrellas - Jetafe, Bohol

At least 1,200 umbrellas are hoisted high above the town of Jetafe, 92 kms from the capital city of Tagbilaran. providing shade and an amazing sight.  When looking up from the ground the parasols appear to be floating all on their own.  A tin string runs between the umbrellas – red, green, blue, and yellow in order to hold them up.

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The famous hanging umbrellas


Mag - Aso Falls Antequera, Bohol

Mag-aso Falls is located in Barangay Can-omay, Antequera, Bohol. This tourist attraction has a beautiful twin cascades with approximate height of 20 feet dropping down to a cool and deep natural pool.



Scuba diving - Anda Bohol.


Explore one of bohol’s beautiful sea garden.


Hot Air Balloon Carmen, Bohol

air balloon


Fly High with this Hot Air Balloon in Bohol with the amazing view of chocolate hills!


Kawasihan Sanbar Candijay, Bohol

Kawasihan Sanbar Candijay Bohol


If you simply want to enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water or play catch or even drown you with the sumptuous taste “kilaw-kilaw” in the white sand beach, have it in Kawasihan sanbar!


Mangrove Forest - Panadtaran, Candijay, Bohol


Another tourist destination is the mangrove forest in barangay Panadtaran, Candijay, Bohol. The forest is a wide 1,472 hectares, 600 hectares of which was awarded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to the Panadtaran Mangrove Association or PAMAS in 1999. The group is composed of local residents, mostly fishermen and farmers who organized themselves in 1996.


Pahangog Falls - Dimiao Bohol


The twin falls located at Dimiao Bohol.

It’s only 30 minutes hiking from a small village in the hills of Dimiao. The hills with rice fields, palm trees and tropical forest offer beautiful views along the way. The falls are just great. Have a swim in the refreshing water or use that amazing place for a photo shooting. A rock in front of the falls surounded by the water is a perfect spot for it.
A hidden place that you have for yourself as not many people are going there at all. Don’t miss that spot. You will love i


Badiang Spring Valencia, Bohol.

Badiang Spring Valencia, Bohol.


An underground freshwater spring gushes from twin pipes near the sea. The springwater is diverted to fill 2 swimming pools, one large and the other for children. Sheltered picnic tables are on a veranda overlooking a smooth-stone beach.

Located at Anas,Valencia,Bohol, Philippines 6306

Stay in the heart of Bohol

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