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Camping Guide: Black Rock Park Lake Buchanan

How to have a successful cabin camping with kids

Cabin camping gives you all of the comforts of solid walls and a real roof without separating you from the real reason you’re there–the great outdoors. For young families or anyone traveling with nervous campers, even a primitive cabin can make all the difference.

Camping Guide: Black Rock Park Lake Buchanan

How to have a successful cabin camping with kids

Why people go camping? There are many reasons why people go camping. For one good reason is relaxation. Being outside gives you a chance to reconnect with nature and disconnect with technology. Gives you the opportunity to spend and enjoy time with your kids and family away from the distraction of electronics at home– phones, computers, games, and television. Let your kids play and give them the freedom to run and explore the outdoors.

Here is the information you need to know first about Black Rock Park mini- cabins. Are not luxury cabins. It’s a step-up of tent camping. 

These mini-cabins sleep up to 5 people in 2 sets of bunk beds. One bunk includes a full-size bed on the bottom and a twin on top. The second bunk includes two twin size beds. Each cabin includes electricity, outside potable water spigot, heat and A/C, ceiling fan, front porch, picnic table, and grill.

Restrooms and showers are available to park guests. They are locked and park guests should obtain the key code when they check in to the park.

- What to bring -

Here are the lists of what you need to bring to help you succeed in your first camping trip. 

  1. Emergency kit (For kids and adult) – Every parent worse nightmare is having a sick or injured kid in the camp. You will be in the outdoors, be prepared if accidents may happen. Being prepared is key to happy camping.
  2. Bugs Spray
  3. Sun Block lotion
  4. Blankets/Pillows and bed cover
  5. Bath Towels/soaps/shampoos
  6. Bring water hose to connect to water spigot outside the cabin- It will be a lot easier to cook and wash your cooking utensils.
  7. Food To Take Camping- Keep in mind ( No kitchen and no refrigerator in the cabin)
    1.  Non-perishable foods-  Bread, peanut butter, instant oatmeal, can goods, noodles, Pancakes.  
    2. Perishable foods – should be in the cooler ( ice machine is available at the park or you can bring a portable ice maker. You can also get ice from a store located a mile away from the park.
  8. Cooking Utensils – You are not allowed to cook inside the cabin.
    1. Bring an extension cord in case you need it. Power outlet located inside the cabin.
    2. Bring portable electric stove/portable electric pot (in case it rain you can’t light the fire pit) 
    3. small pots, camping utensils, camping tableware, and you can’t forget the roasting sticks for marshmallows and hot dogs if you like.
  9. A small bottle of hand soap and dish soap
  10. Tent Canopy – Help you cool off during the day when you spend time swimming. 
  11. Wagon – If you are going to the beach area of the lake you can only park in the designated parking areas around the lake, so you cannot bring your truck /cars closer to the lake. If you got a lot of stuff to carry to the beach, a wagon is a perfect helper. We learned this in a hard way. lol.
  12. Camp Activities
    1. Swimming- bring floaties, life jacket for small kids, water gun to play along in the water/water toys.
    2. Fishing Poles – even if just for fun or if you want to catch a fish. Make sure to get a fishing permit for freshwater fishing. We get ours from the academy store.
    3. The park has a playground, sand volleyball court, kayaking and more   
  13.  Portable toilet – will come handy specially when you have to go at night or if it rains. The park restroom is within walking distance. Don’t forget to bring your flashlights too.
  14. Bring a portable pod and put your toilet inside so you can have privacy while doing your thing. Seriously we bring this with us every time we go camping.
  15. Scented trash bags– to be used with your toilet and put some cat litter on it to help absorb the odor. And don’t forget to bring your TP.
    1. Make sure you double your trash bags and check your trash bag if there is a hole to avoid leaks and messes. Trash cans are just outside the cabins 🙂

Good luck on your Adventure!

We spent 4 days and 3 nights with our 6 and 3 years old boys at Black Rock Park, and so far it was successfully fun for the whole family.  It was our first time doing cabin camping and we cannot wait to go back soon. It’s very affordable and so worth it.

Here ya go mommies, hope this will give you some ideas and what to expect when you go camping at Black Rock Park. Especially to some hesitant parents/moms to go camping (Cabin camping) for the first time. 

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Cabin Camping at Black Rock Park, lake Buchanan Texas

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