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Food And Restaurant Review: Duka Bay Resort Mis. Or. Philippines

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Sitting outside while we were waiting for our food, was very relaxing as I watched the ocean waves rolling onto the beach and enjoyed the cool morning breeze from the ocean. We got the Pinoy breakfast (rice with viand, coffee) is 275PHP which I think it’s a little bit pricey for what you got. But then again we are not here or the food we stayed here for the the panoramic view, fresh air and the beautiful sunsets. Over all food in Duka Bay is ok. It is not something to go back for but one thing we always go back to this place for is the beautiful clear waters and diverse corrals and fishes you see.
In Medina, it’s the best beach there is. The facilities are greater in comparison to others and the beach front is better than most beaches as well.
So if its good food you really want, this wont be the answer. But if its water creatures you want to see, this place is a big YES!


 Ask your server ahead of time if you want a breakfast on the beach to have your table ready by the time you arrive. If you are feeling lazy, you can order your food over the phone and have it delivered to your room for a small surcharge.

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