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Halloween Decorations: Create Your Haunted House

It’s time to start getting ready for Halloween! Time for creepy costumes, ghoulish party gear and frightening kids from around the neighborhood. The decorations keep getting better year after year, making the friendly competition for most haunting house on the block even more difficult to win. Get the right stuff to make trick-or-treaters tremble and the Halloween decorations to create an unforgettable haunted house for your party.


Life-Size Climbing Zombies for Halloween Decoration

1. Life-Size Climbing Zombies

A Life-Size Climbing Zombie will make your neighbors check twice when passing by this Halloween. Both hands and one foot have metal hooks for easy hanging and positioning into a creepy climbing stance.

71" Hanging Talking Witch for halloween decoration

2. 71" Hanging Talking Witch

With sound and touch-activated sayings, creepy noises and flashing red eyes, a 71″ Hanging Talking Witch is the surprise factor your front porch needs to make it the spookiest on the block. Arms pose in any position.

3. Lifesize Animated Ghost Bride and Groom with Flashing Red Eyes

This ghastly couple is sure to make a scream at your Halloween party! You can't have one without the other, so add to your Halloween decorations and use these years after year. Whether they're propped up inside or waiting for trick-or-treaters on your porch, they're sure to be a hit.


4. 13.94ft Hanging Creature

Make your house the creepiest on the block when you hang the 13.94ft. Hanging Creature on your porch. The larger-than-life decoration is easy to install on the eaves of your house or in the branches of a large tree.

. Creepy Looking Ground breaker Zombie for halloween decoration

5. 5 Ft" Creepy Looking Ground breaker Zombie

Great for Greeting Trick-Or-Treaters, or Visitors to Your Haunted House! Head and Hands are Posable Perfect to Position them in a Sinister, Ghostly Manner.

6. Barking and Growling Skeleton Dog

5 ft. Poseable Skeleton with LED. Barking and growling with synchronized mouth movement

72 inch Cocoon for Halloween Decoration

7. 72 inch Cocoon

This full-size Halloween prop looks real and scary with the white cocoon outside and the partly visible skeleton wrapped inside. Great for Greeting Trick-Or-Treaters, or Visitors to Your Haunted House! Hang from a Tree, on your Porch, or in Your Living Room!

3 Set Bloody Weapons Garland Banner

8. Bloody Weapons Garland Banner

Hang up on the wall and turns any room into a horrific horror movie scene! Perfect for Halloween party decoration. Made of a Thin & Bendable laminated sheet of plastic that is made to look shiny like metal.

9. Bloody Footprints Floor Clings

Creating a creepy entrance to your Halloween party or haunted house stoop is simple with these Bloody Footprint Decals.

Bag of Mice Decoration halloween decrations

10. Bag of Mice Decoration

Bring the creep factor to your party with this gruesome detail! Bag of Mice Includes 12 Mice

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