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ATX Asian Night Market aims to unite and empower the community by showcasing local talent including chefs, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Admission is $5 /Children under 12  free

Asian-inspired street foods complemented by nightly performances in Austin, TX!

It was a really great event but they were not prepared for the crowd. Lines were long and took away from the experience. We wanted to try more foods but was turned off by the line length. Really crowded and hard to tell what each vendor had. Parking was free and close. The people were really nice and helpful. The fact that you had to have cash was a bummer. Not all vendors took cards.

Overall we enjoyed the food, and glad that we get there early when there are only a few people on the line, and got the food that we wanted before it got too crowded. Also, you can bring your own water. Hopefully next year they will be more organized and hosted in a bigger venue.

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