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The cold, gray days of winter are almost behind us. But if you’re ready to give Spring a head-start, we’ve found some cool ideas and inspiration to make your patio more fun and enjoyable to entertain your friends and family.  Whether you live in the middle of bustling city, are a 20-something in your first apartment, or just don’t want to deal with a big backyard, there are a lot of ways to deck out a small patio with your signature style. Get inspired by these ideas that will add form and function to your outdoor space.

Your style is contemporary with a touch of comfort. Pops of bright pastel and woven textures bring a welcoming spring feel to clean lines and industrial details.

Your style is relaxed take on the classics. Vibrant ocean blue hues, natural finishes and sleek nautical accents create a seaside retreat right from home. Create what will soon be your new favorite room, where textures, patterns and ambient lighting take you back to sounds of seagulls, the smell of the sea air and relaxing evening times spent with friends and family.

Your style is timeless with a dash of elegance. Chic neutral colors, ornate patterns and vintage-inspired details make a statement that never goes out of style.


Your style is eclectic with artisan-made vibes. Organic materials like wicker, metal and stone mix with tribal-printed textiles for well traveled look that’s all your own.

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